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5 Tips to Help you Choose a Reliable Las Cruces Roofer

Mar 10

5 Tips to Help you Choose a Reliable Las Cruces Roofer

If you need to hire residential roofing contractors, you understand that it is a significant investment. But how can you be sure that the company you are about to work with will be reliable and trustworthy?

How to Find a Reliable Las Cruces Roofer

The most important thing you need to do as a homeowner when it comes to hiring contractors to improve, repair, and maintain your property is find the right contractor. These five tips can help you choose the right roofing company to repair or replace your roof.

  1. Find local referrals
  2. Better Business Bureau reports research reviews.
  3. Locate Owen's Corning GAF or similar contractor certified by Owen's Corning
  4. Learn more about licensing and insurance.
  5. Trust your gut.

1. Find local referrals

Ask your friends, neighbors, and neighbors which roofing company they used for repairs or replacement. You will get the best recommendations from people you know, who have firsthand experience.

2. Better Business Bureau reports, research reviews.

Check out online reviews and testimonials of roofers you're considering working with. Check out the Better Business Bureau to ensure there aren’t any negative reviews. And, if there are then, check out how each roofing contractor responded.

3. Find Owen's Corning GAF or another similar contractor certified by GAF

A contractor that cannot produce work at the highest industry 1% is not a good choice for your roof. Roofing Las Cruces, as you may have seen from our home page is a Platinum-Preferred Owens Corning Contractor. It is also one of the few in Las Cruces. Roof replacements are a huge deal and you need to hire an expert company.

4. Learn about insurance and licensing.

Work with companies that have not been licensed or insured. Period.

5. Trust your gut.

It's easy to ask as many questions as possible when calling different roofing companies for estimates. Sometimes, you just get a good feeling about the roofing company. They will know what they're talking to and they're trustworthy and reliable. If this happens and the company meets all other criteria (they have great reviews and testimonials; they're experienced; the price is right), you should trust them.

Are you looking to find a reliable roofing company?

We'd love for you to contact us about roof repair or replacement. Also, we'd be glad to provide a free roof inspection so you can see how your roof looks. After we inspect your roof, you'll get a free estimate and will be able to answer all your questions.


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