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Making mistakes can lead to an increase in the cost of your commercial flat roofing

Mar 11

Making mistakes can lead to an increase in the cost of your commercial flat roofing

Marietta flat roof repair services are required for commercial flat roofs that have been damaged. Flat roofing companies may be able to repair or replace your existing flat roof. But this is a serious decision. Flat roofing contractors have to be skilled and knowledgeable. That comes from a solid foundation of experience. Failures will result if a commercial contractor does not have a minimum of ten years of experience. Your roof will suffer. An error could be as simple a mistake as installing shingles over existing ones or not knowing the proper installation instructions. Bad or incorrect installations can result in voiding a warranty. The building owner is responsible for any damages caused by poor workmanship.

Marietta Roofing is your best option. We've been installing commercial roofing systems since 1999.

Seven Things You Should Avoid When Installing A Commercial Flat Roof

Unqualified Roofer

  • Contractors may claim that they can help you. Every contractor is not honest about their abilities or experiences. This leads to issues down the road and higher costs to fix a problem you thought was solved. Failure to adhere to the manufacturer's instructions or poor workmanship are two of the threats a building owner may face. A dishonest contractor won’t speak with you about the roof issues.

Do not delay a roof repair

  • A shrug is common for small roof repairs. When you fail to act, the shrug can be the first step in a larger repair. If it sits, a small tear in a commercial roofing membrane could allow water penetration. You can't afford to ignore a small patch job. You can protect your building for 50-years with a quality roofing system. But keep in mind that seasonal weather issues can impact a roofing system. The roofing system will eventually become damaged and the responsibility for maintaining it in excellent condition rests with the building owner. Regular inspections of the roofing system by a qualified roofing contractor every two years will keep small problems from growing into big problems.

Do not underestimate the expense of roofing removal

  • Roof estimates are not complete. However, undiscovered damage under the membrane can drive costs higher. You should pay attention to the estimate that you get from a roofer. When a roof is removed, it can lead to a cost increase. Labor charges to replace an old roof are the main reason prices rise. Roofs that are larger will result in higher labor costs.

Renovating Old Tiles

  • You don't want your roofing contractor adding shingles to damaged shingles. A roof that has two layers of shingles is protected from damage by shingles in the past. Roofing inspections are not sufficient to determine the extent of the problem. You will also have to consider the additional weight of your rafters/trusses. A roof system must maintain structural integrity. It was not designed to carry the extra weight caused by the second layer.

Inefficient Roofing Inspection

  • A roofing system is an interconnected system. It relies on many parts to work effectively. Water is the biggest threat to roofing systems. Professional roofing contractors need to see beyond the roof. Roof work requires an evaluation of the decking and trusses as well as the roofers. If the decking is decayed, there's no point in installing a new cap to the roof. If your contractor is reputable, they will provide a detailed description of the damage found and an action plan.

Unlicensed Roofing Contractors

  • It's tempting to choose a contractor with no professional accreditation. Financial savings shouldn't be the main consideration. It is not about how much a roof will cost or whether it will be replaced. It is about the problem that the work will solve. The municipal license fees and insurance are not paid by unlicensed contractors. That is where the problems start.

Selecting the wrong materials

  • A quality roofing material must provide long-lasting protection for its roof. Although you can live with lesser quality materials, the question is, are you willing to spend more? You should look for a contractor who will sell quality-roofing material. By doing so, your roof will last for many years. You can trust quality materials to provide regular maintenance and upkeep. So don't be afraid of spending a little extra. It is worth the small investment to save on costly repairs in the future.

Marietta Roofing provides the most high-quality roofing materials in the industry when we replace or repair your flat roof. Combining high-quality materials with highly skilled tradespeople is how it begins. Our team has a lot of expertise and experience in roofing.


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