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Slate vs Synthetic Which one is Better for My Home?

Mar 28


Slate Shingles

Slate shingles are created from natural slate rock that has been divided by hand, giving the edges of the tiles a gorgeous non-uniform appearance. As opposed to shingles, slate tiles are put in place manually, one at a time, requiring a lot of concentration on detail and skill.



Natural slate shingles are incredibly long-lasting and highly customizable. You can choose tiles in a variety of sizes and colors to give your home an original, distinctive appearance due to the way slate roofs are installed. Additionally, stylized roofing is designed to last! Roofs constructed of slate that are in good condition will last for 100 years or more, which makes it extremely likely that you don't need to repair your roof over the course of your lifetime. This longevity is a major benefit!



Slate roofing is an incredibly complex system to set up. The slate rock is naturally strong and durable under all the elements, but slate tiles are susceptible to cracking and breaking should a Roof It Better roofing crew isn't careful with their installation. This highlights the importance of choosing a highly experienced and skilled roofing contractor to install your palm roof. Slate is also very heavy, so any structure it is covering must be designed for its weight. If your house has robust framing and support needed, it shouldn't pose an issue. Synthetic slate is an ideal option if your home isn't built to handle this type of roofing material.


Synthetic Slate

Synthetic slate shingles are constructed of recycled materials. They're modeled on natural slate, and feature lines of chisel that give the unique, imperfect appearance of slate rocks.



Synthetic slate tiles weigh less than natural slate and need less structural support to install. This makes it the perfect slate choice for most residential constructions. Because synthetic slate is treated with ultraviolet inhibitors, it's resistant to sun-induced deterioration. Synthetic slate roofs, just like natural slate can be styled using various sizes and colors.



One disadvantage of synthetic slate is that the material has not yet reached its age of a lifetime so that it is difficult to know how long it lasts. Synthetic slate tiles are the outcome of rigorous studies and tests. It is one of the most cutting-edge roofing systems materials that exist. Every manufacturer of synthetic slate tiles makes the products differently, therefore palm beach roofers must be considered when choosing the right fit for your house.


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