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Apr 12


When you are choosing the right roofing firm, there are several aspects to take into consideration. Where are they situated? Are they licensed and insured? Are they knowledgeable and experienced in the roofing field? Sax Construction Roofing Professionals has you covered. We are among the most trustworthy roofing company Belleville IL that exist in the Saint Louis Metro East area in the roofing business and we are confident that you could become our next happy customer.


In the event of a claim for homeowners insurance, it is necessary to file


I'm thinking that my home has hail damage. What can I do?

Damage from hail can cause anxiety and stress. Sax Construction's objective is to simplify the homeowners insurance claims process. If you suspect that you have hail damage, first consult with your Belleville IL roofer before contacting your insurer. We'll do a thorough roof evaluation and determine whether or not there's enough damage sufficient to warrant an insurance claim for homeowners.

We will take photographs and record any damage we observe when we inspect your roof. If we determine that there's enough damage, we'll suggest you start with contacting your insurance provider for assistance with the claim process.

The Homeowners Insurance Claim Process

Before you start the homeowners insurance claim process, you'll need to gather details about the incident. Take note of the date and moment of the incident. Take note of the place of the incident, as well as the property affected. Photographs and detailed documentation of the damages that resulted. Next, contact your homeowners insurance agent to file an insurance claim. The insurance company will then send a claim adjuster to assess the loss and determine the cost of repairs according to the policy you have. Once the settlement from your insurance policy is complete, you can call Sax Construction to start the repair or replacement process. To get an accurate photo of your homeowners insurance claim, your sales representative should request an exact copy. Next, you will need to accept the roofing contract and pay a deposit in order to start construction.




Roof inspection plays a very important part in the lifespan of your roof. Many homeowners just contact a roofing contractor when they start seeing obvious damage or storm damage such as discolored shingles or cracks. It is important for homeowners to understand that roofs can develop problems even when there aren't obvious indications. We must ensure that insurance companies know that the roof has been examined.

Sax Construction can help you find and resolve these issues. A roof inspection is an extremely time-consuming procedure which should be carried out by a roofing professional who is certified. This involves the roofing team member examining the structure of the roof, the time of the roof's construction, as well as any discoloration or missing shingles. When this inspection is complete we will sit down with the homeowner and talk about the best way to ensure that the roof will provide the protection you and your family need.


There are numerous reasons to choose a local certified roofing company. Local roofers are familiar with the region and are aware of local prices for roofing, which will save you cash in the end. Sax Construction knows how important your roof is to your families' safety and protection and we also know that it's an important investment for your home.

There are many roofing firms operating without state license. Our roofing contractors are licensed by the state of Illinois and are familiar with local codes for your area!

Sax Construction is a Saint Louis Metro East company that encompasses cities like Belleville, Mascoutah O'Fallon and Fairview Heights. Our roofing company in Belleville offers exceptional solutions for residential roofing repairs, roof replacement as well as commercial roofing repair and installation. Our roofers are experienced and have a great understanding of their subject. We are not sloppy. We know how important it is to have a solid roof over your head. We value our customers and will make sure that your roof repair or roof installation is completed to your complete satisfaction. Our customers are always first and we are aware that the satisfaction of our customers is what drives our company. We are the most reputable roofing firm in the Metro East. Call us now to learn more about the reasons.

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